Market Bucks

Image of Market Buck.

What Are Market Bucks?

Market Bucks are what you get back when you spend SNAP, WIC, and Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program checks. We give you Market Bucks at a rate of 50% of what you spend! For example, if you spend $10, we give you $5 in Market Bucks- turning your $10 into $15!

What Can I Buy With My Market Bucks?

ANY FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES that you like! You can use your Market Bucks with any of our vendors who offer fruits and vegetables for sale. Use them when you get them, or any time before the end of the season.  Market Bucks change from year to year, so it's important to spend them with us before we close down for the season (in October or November).

Why Do You Give Out Market Bucks?

We make every effort to bring Jersey Fresh produce to you at a reasonable cost- the same price or better than you would find in your usual grocery store.